Webtechnologien (WT)

Elective for CS majors and minors at the University of Applied Sciences Rosenheim. — Fachwissenschaftliches Wahlpflichtmodul in den Bachelorstudiengängen Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik an der Hochschule Rosenheim.

Class Schedule

Lecture: Wednesdays at 8a

Tutorials: Wednesdays, 9.45a and 11.45a

Communication via Mattermost (invite).

Important Dates:

  • Nov 7, team registration
  • Dec 5, written exam (60 min) and team presentations (kick-off)
  • Dec 21, team meetings with instructor (individually, ca. 10 min per team)
  • Jan 23, final submission of projects (10 min per team, in-person)

Note: Materials will be in English, the lectures/tutorials will be taught in German; the mid-term written exam will be bilingual (use the language of your choice).

Class and Credits (Leistungsnachweis)

Lectures: We’ll discuss current web technologies to build state-of-the-art web sites or web applications.

Tutorials and assignments: Pairprogramming preferred, BYOD strongly recommended!

Credits: Equal parts written exam (60’, mid-term) and team project (PStA, see grading criteria).


  • Introduction (Oct 4, slides, assignments)

    With a few examples we dig right into the necessary tools for a web developer: git, editor, developer tools, and if course: Google, SO and the pages of the W3C.

No class or tutorials on Oct 10 and Oct 17

  • HTML (Oct 24, slides, lecture notes, assignments)

    The hypertext markup language is the backbone of all web sites, and its technically a descriptive (not a programming) language. We’ll use it to encode the information that we want to present, but (ideally) not the looks.

  • CSS (Oct 31, slides, lecture notes, assignments)

    Use cascading stylesheets to render your HTML into the looks you want.

  • JavaScript, pt. 1 (Nov 7, slides, lecture notes, assignments) Learn about the syntax and characteristics of JavaScript (ES5).

  • JavaScript, pt. 2 (Nov 14, slides, assignments)

    Use javascript to modify the document object model (DOM) to change content and style (layout) of web pages dynamically.

  • HTTP, requests and responses (Nov 21, slides, assignments)

    Learn about the hypertext transport protocol (v1.1) which forms the foundations of communcation between web agents (browsers) and servers. We’ll briefly talk about HTTPS and certificates.

  • Node.js, Express.js and databases (Nov 28, slides, assignments)

    Use your knowledge about JavaScript and HTTP to build a basic webserver with node that accesses a (no/SQL) database.

  • Written mid-term, kick-off presentations (Dec 5)

    Instead of class and tutorials.

  • Vue.js (Dec 12, slides, assignments)

    Learn about the model-view-controller MVC, and more specifically the model-viewmodel-view-controller patterns and build dynamic web pages with vue.js.

  • Deployment (Dec 19, slides, assignments)

    Learn about how to deploy your web app with Heroku or docker).

  • Project progress meetings (Dec 21, all day)

    Each team meeting will meet individually with the instructor, tutor will help with projects in tutorials.

  • Advanced topics in web development (Jan 9, slides)

    We’ll look into advanced topics of web development including cross-origin resource sharing (CORS), security and authentification, and persistent connections to webservers (websockets, via socket.io). Tutor will help with projects in tutorials.

  • Project progress meetings (Jan 16, all day)

    Each team meeting will meet individually with the instructor, tutor will help with projects in tutorials.

  • Final project presentations (Jan 23, all day)

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